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Matterfield specializes in 3D Scanning for interactive media and entertainment.

Scanning the world is tough. Traditionally, if you needed scans from a certain region of the world, you need to get your team together, predict and pack up all the gear you might need, determine all the costs involved, all the logistical arrangements have to be perfect, and cross your fingers the weather works out. 

Did you scan everything you wanted to? If the data was bad, would you be able to travel back for a reshoot?

That all can get really expensive. Would your project’s schedule even allow for this? 

Matterfield takes care of it all, and we’ll do it with a painless client-focused approach:



We’ll meet with you to discuss your project requirements, timeline, and talk about what geographical areas are best to scan. 

It’s very likely we can get what you need. If we can’t, we’ll find it. 



Our photographers live where you need them to be. They’ll scout and scan using high resolution and up-to-date camera equipment. Nothing consumer grade here.

We now offer Structure Light Scanning for content that Photogrammetry can’t handle (plastic, metal, etc.)  — even in sunlight.



The content is preprocessed so you can preview it before it goes into full production. Once you say the word, our feature-rich automation pipeline will help take it to final and make it shippable.



Our internal QA team will ensure the content meets our standard. Our pipeline then  uploads directly to your chosen external fileshare, ready for your feedback and review in our tracking database.

who we are

Talent, Locations, Gear

Our photographers are strategically located in a variety of interesting and relevant locations, which enables us to easily revisit those locations for additional shoots. This saves you time and money on travel costs.

We only use the right gear for the right job. Whether it’s photogrammetry or structured light scanning, the output is always clean.


Dedication and Trust

We all love video games, movies, and appreciate the effort that goes into a well-crafted work of art. We put that same effort into scouting and scanning the best content for your project and its art direction.

Since our background is AAA gaming, you have access to a vendor that intuitively understands the technical and aesthetic direction of your project and can execute without “hand-holding.”


surface scans

We’ve photographed and processed thousands of surface scans for clients who want their own library. 

Need some scans for your project? Or do you need your own content processed to a Triple-A standard? Let’s talk!


Valued Client Testimonials

Matterfield has been trusted by the biggest and best companies in the world. 

We know how to reliably produce mass quantities of scan content.  This is why our clients keep coming back.

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You shouldn’t have to shoulder the artistic, technical, and logistical burdens of 3D scan production. Let us take care of that!